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Counselling in Cosham, Portsmouth, Havant and surrounding areas from Fareham to Waterlooville and Emsworth.

My name is Lisa Buckingham and I am a Bereavement Counsellor and Therapist in Portsmouth, Hampshire. My private practice is in Cosham and I provide counselling to people in Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Waterlooville and surrounding areas of South East Hampshire. I have been a Counsellor since 2006. I am also DBS checked.

People often ask me what kind of therapist I am and what issues I am a counselor for and my reply is "I work with the person, not necessarily the issues. We all have experiences with similarities that are universal but your experience is unique to you and you are a human being, not a theory." I do offer tools and coping mechanisms for managing anxiety, self-care and bereavement.

My specialism is bereavement and grief counselling but I am experienced in other areas. We will all experience a bereavement at some time in our life. You may be worrying that you are not coping with your loss and think that you are grieving too heavily or for too long. You may have been told that you need to get on with your life after someone you love has died and that's easier said than done. I am also experienced in working with people with life limiting illness and caregivers as well as clients that have a relative or friend that are dying. If your bereavement is impacted by Covid 19, you might be experiencing grief in a different way from how you expected it to be. Your experience is unique to you and it is important not to judge yourself for how you do or don't grieve. Loss is experienced in many situations, and is significantly impacting on some people in the present circumstances. You may have lost your job, finances, home, way of life, health, relationship or pet plus many more. Grief is not a linear process and the feelings and thoughts it brings can make you feel overwhelmed. I provide the space, compassion and help that will facilitate you in processing your grief. I am also an accredited counsellor for infant and baby loss with The Foundation for Infant Loss Training organisation.

Some people are experiencing anxiety or increased anxiety at this present time and as a Counsellor in Portsmouth for many years I have gained experience in providing Counselling within a therapeuitic relationship that is supportive and useful in assisting you to manage and reduce your anxiety.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, wondering where you are going and whether you have any choice in what is happening in your life counselling can help you understand yourself. Emotions, thoughts and moods can sometimes feel hard to manage and it can be difficult to make sense of how we are feeling or what we are thinking. Counselling facilitates exploration. You may be feeling isolated or lonely as you do not feel able to share your thoughts and feelings with friends or family and as a Counsellor I will listen to you without judgment and facilitate the sessions in a way that enables you to find clarity.

I charge £40 for the initial counselling assessment session during which we can decide if counselling might be helpful for you and £50 for subsequent counselling sessions. A session is for one hour and are currently via video or telephone until further notice. You may be unsure that Counselling is right for you and the way to find out is to take the first step and make an appointment with me. My counselling room is in an easily accessible location with direct access from the A3/A27/M27 in the Cosham area of Portsmouth, Hampshire.

As a therapist, I offer a safe, confidential and informal space within which you can reflect, work through and achieve clarity and self-understanding.

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May 2020

"I have been in therapy with Lisa since last year. I find our regular sessions to be invaluable to my wellbeing and personal development. She has empowered me by enabling me to use my experiences and life skills to bring about positive changes in my life and my journey onto a more confident enabled future. She provides a comfortable non-judgmental environment where I am able to share my feelings and anxieties in a safe space" Anonymous

"Even when I didn't understand myself, I still felt fully accepted and held by Lisa. My time seeing Lisa was transforming, and I shall be forever grateful." Anonymous

"When my lovely wife died very suddenly, I went to a very dark place. Angry with the world. Met Lisa, who, with her compassion, understanding and guidance, helped me get my head back together. Without her help, I don't think that I would be here today!" Anonymous

"...Lisa's sessions have opened up a world that is not so scary and that without her guidance and very open nature, caring assistance I have no doubt that I would not be as strong as I am today... " Anonymous (Read full testimonial here)

My Approach

People visit a counsellor and therapist for many reasons. My approach is to focus on you as an individual. Your experience is unique to you and I will help you to gain understanding through self-awareness. As a counsellor I will facilitate your exploration without judging you.

It may be that you are having relationship problems and have no one to talk to or want to make sense of the direction your life is taking.

Bereavement is often a reason to have counselling. Grief affects people in different ways and can feel overwhelming. It is not limited to the death of a loved one though as loss can be experienced for many reasons for example, redundancy, health and relationships. This can lead to loss of self-confidence, affect your self-esteem and motivation. You might feel that you are 'stuck' in your grief and this is when counselling is particularly helpful.

Anxiety can affect many aspects of your life, relationships, work, social life and is very tiring and debilitating. Anxiety is one of the most common causes people have counselling for.

Depression is also debilitating. If you are depressed it is easy to isolate yourself and become extremely lonely. Therapy can facilitate your process in finding a way to manage your mental health in a healthy way and also explore your triggers.

Stress can be a reason to have counselling. You may lead a very busy life and find it difficult to look after your well being. It can be difficult to switch off as technology is a constant presence in our lives through social media, work related emails and the internet making us available 24/7. Life may feel out of balance, so you may find yourself struggling to juggle everything which can feel overwhelming.

There are many reasons to have counselling and I have named only a few here. My role as a therapist is to work with you and whatever you bring to therapy as your experience is unique to you. Understanding you as a person is very important to me.

Counselling can provide you with the therapeutic space that facilitates personal development. As a counsellor I aim to be congruent in my interactions with clients in a supportive and growth enhancing way.

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Contact Me

Counselling can seem daunting but you have taken the first step by visiting my website, take the next step and contact me Lisa Buckingham. Once you have had your first session at my therapy room in Cosham, Portsmouth, I believe that you will feel comfortable .


I have been a Therapist and Counsellor in the Portsmouth area since 2003 and have volunteered with various voluntary counselling organisations during that time in Portsmouth, Cosham and the surrounding areas ranging from Fareham to Havant. Home visits are possible in certain circumstances. If you would like to discuss this possibility with me, please contact me by telephone or email. I am easily accessible to the surrounding areas of Portsmouth & Cosham and only 15 minutes from Waterlooville, Hayling Island, Havant, Southsea, Emsworth, Fareham. Only 30 minutes away from Chichester, Petersfield, Southampton. With easy access from the M27, A27 and A3 road network and only 10 minute walk from Cosham Train Station.

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Covid 19 and Anxiety

Currently offering telephone and video counselling. Please contact me to dicuss how this would best work for you.


We are currently living life in a different way due to Covid 19. Many people have been furloughed, lost their jobs or having to learn new ways of working and have been unable to see family and friends. Anxiety is affecting many people, in various ways and some people have been surprised to find that they are now experiencing anxiety for the first time. Not being able to exercise, be out in nature and just go about our usual social activities can cause isolation and loneliness leading to depression. Anxiety can present in various ways and have various triggers and there are various ways to manage it. Finding the best way that suits your personal needs is important. There are many resourses on the internet for anxiety support from Apps to download to your phone, local Mindfulness groups offering on-line mindfulness support and Anxiety charities. I would suggest trying various activities to see what helps you and I believe that two of the most helpful things for anxiety is self-compassion. My work with clients would take all of this and other elements into consideration i.e. self-care relating to burn-out, boundaries, getting your needs met and communication.

The list of possibilities is endless and part of self care means making time for yourself through nurturing activities. One of my favourite ways of relaxing is taking photos of birds and animals that visit my garden. I have listed some suggestions here:

Keeping to a routine, getting up and going to bed at a regular time
Warm bath
Meditation or breathing exercises
Noticing tricky thoughts and responding with gentleness and self-compassion without judging yourself or your thoughts
Creative activities
Being in nature
Joining an on-line group for support
And finally seeking support from a Counsellor/Therapist

Sometimes the hardest step is the first one. Reaching out.

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