Lisa Buckingham Dip. UKAHPP Accredited Registered Member Therapeutic Counselling for the Portsmouth Area

What is Counselling?

The counselling relationship provides the environment that facilitates your ability to tap into what is helpful to you as a person. Counselling helps you to become more self-aware, enabling you to find your way forward so you can begin living your life in a healthier, happier and more meaningful way.

You may not feel heard or feel you can talk to the people around you. Sometimes there are things you do not feel able to say but are aware you are carrying something around that is weighing you down. Having this confidential, non-judgemental space is an important part of the counselling process and a place in which you can explore your thoughts and feelings, helping you to gain insight and clarity.

My only aim is to work at your pace, be sensitive of your feelings and the depth to which you want to work.

Have you ever considered talking to someone to explore how you are feeling and find a way to manage difficult times? You may find it hard to allow yourself the time and what you may think of as a luxury in many ways but I believe that the benefits of counselling make it worthwhile considering. People often devote much time, money and energy on maintaining their home or car to look nice, be welcoming and comfortable or on their appearance but do not pay the same amount of attention to their emotional health, body or feelings. In these difficult times looking after ourselves seems to be the last thing that we do and choosing to allow yourself this time can be a step forward in your life.


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